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Vandermist Dossier

Vandermist Dossier

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  • 2 hours
  • 1-4
  • Reset after Play

Chapter 1 of the Trail of Abigail trilogy.

A narrative puzzle adventure about a small Dutch town, a missing girl, and Cold War family secrets. 

The Vandermist Dossier is a cooperative tabletop puzzle game. A treasure trove of beautiful, touch-real evidence from an old missing person’s case in a 1970's Dutch village. Will you follow the clues and figure out what happened to Abigail?

The game is entirely analogue. Scour newspaper clippings, read emotional letters, trace a path on the illustrated map... With each deciphered message, you'll uncover more of the story and find new clues for the next puzzle. 

No rules. No time limit. No envelopes saying "Don't open me until you've solved X." Every puzzle has a narrative justification and everything you need is right there, if you just know how to look. 

The Vandermist Dossier was designed for one or two play sessions. The average play time is 150+ minutes. Experienced puzzle enthusiasts may be quicker, but will still find plenty of details to delve into, both in the story and the materials as in the hidden bonus puzzles!

Chapter 1 of the Trail of Abigail trilogy. Each chapter can be played separately without having played any of the others.

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