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Can I only play this once?

Yes – after you’ve solved every puzzle and explored every easter egg,
you won’t be able to replay it. However, the game is fully resettable so
you can pass it on to other players!

How long is the game?

This varies greatly per player group. Usually, it’s about 120-180 mins,
but that largely depends on your familiarity with these kinds of
puzzles, your interest in the narrative, and your willingness to use

What group size do you recommend?

The game is designed for 1 to 5 players, and really shines at 2 to 4. 

What's the difficulty level?

We’ve heard many different opinions about this from our players. If this
is your first game of this type, it could be quite challenging – most
players need one or more hints. On the other hand, experienced players
and reviewers consistently describe the difficulty as ‘moderate’.

Me and my friends aren’t exactly supersleuths. I’m afraid we won’t be able to solve it!

Don’t worry, the game comes with a comprehensive hint system.
You can find help for every puzzle, delivered in small steps to nudge
you along. And if something just isn’t clicking, the solution is always
there if you want it.

Can I play this with kids?

The game was designed with adults in mind, but there are no heavy
themes. It isn’t easy though, and it requires some patience and reading.
If you believe your 10-year-old would be into that, you’re probably

Is there a digital element to this game?

The only online aspects are the hint system and the solution form.

than that, everything you need is right there in the box. You could
(try and) put away your phone for the whole night, if you wanted to.